The Truman and Eisenhower Blues

The Truman and Eisenhower Blues: African-American Blues and Gospel Songs, 1945-1960


4a. The Truman and Eisenhower BluesGuido van Rijn presents a fascinating and exhaustive account of the gospel and blues music of the immediate post-war period, shedding much light on the civil rights situation of the time and the experience of segregation as well as events such as the Atom Bomb, the Cold War, Korea and of course the Republican victory in 1956. He concentrates on songs that comment on contemporary political events and issues during a crucial time in the shaping of black consciousness in America. In doing so he uncovers a hidden black history of the eve of the emergence of the civil right movement – a deep insight into the lives and opinions of people who had few other outlets of expression.

from the foreword by David Evans:
… an invaluable key to understanding this group which otherwise seems inarticulate, inscrutable, or threatening. These songs not only provide insight into another social world, but they entertain and please the ear with their artistry. Unintentionally perhaps, they bridge some of the great social and racial divides that America has created, as well as providing spiritual and artistic nourishment for the victims of these divides.

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  • Format:                   Paperback
  • Publication Date:    15 February 2004
  • Price:                      25 Euros
  • Publisher:               The Continuum International Publishing Group

4b. Agram ABCD 2018Twenty-six of the songs discussed in the text are available on a CD produced by Agram Blues (ABCD 2018) to accompany this book. Digitally remastered and featuring full liner notes by the author, the CD is a unique historical document of the Truman and Eisenhower presidencies.

Price: 15 Euros.

01. Josh White – The Man Who Couldn’t Walk Around
02. Jack Dupree – May God Bless Our New President!
03. Cousin Joe Post – War Future Blues
04. Smokey Hogg – High Priced Meat
05. Jack McVea – Inflation Blues
06. Willie Borum – Overseas Blues
07. Golden Gate Quartet – Atom And Evil
08. Pilgrim Travelers – Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb
09. Josh White – Free And Equal Blues
10. Andrew Tibbs – Bilbo Is Dead
11. Tommie Jenkins – Freedom Choo Choo Blues
12. Royal Harmonaires – Henry Wallace Is The Man
13. Harmon Ray – President’s Blues
14. Gospel Pilgrims – I’m So Grateful To The N.A.A.C.P.
15. Echoes of Zion – Keep Still
16. Louis Jordan – Jordan For President
17. Homesick James – Wartime
18. Max Bailey – Drive Soldiers Drive
19. Sister Rosetta – Tharpe There’s Peace In Korea
20. Bobo Jenkins – Democrat Blues
21. Memphis Slim – Four Years Of Torment
22. J.B. Lenoir – Eisenhower Blues
23. Dizzy Dixon – Soup Line
24. Tommy Dean – Recession
25. Chris Kenner – Rocket To The Moon
26. Brother Will Hairston –  The Alabama Bus